Winter Driving

Extended and Complete Driving Education training provide the students with 15 hours of class in-class/online knowledge education.   

Programs Available

  • Extended Driving Education Training (15 Hr Classroom + 20 Hr Behind the Wheel Lessons)
  • Complete Driving Education Training (15 Hr. Classroom + 10 Hr. Behind the wheel)
  • Driving Skill Booster Training (4 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Detailed Coaching)
  • Brush Up For Road Test (2 Hr. Behind the Wheel Lessons)
  • Car Rental (1 Hr. Car Rental for Alberta-Basic-Road test)

Program Overview

Learning how to drive in the winter season when the road is cover with snow and cemented with black ice is a life-saving skill. In Tuscany Driving School, We understand how difficult it is for new drivers to handle skidding vehicles on wet pavement or finding their track on snow-covered streets. We will teach you how to drive slowly and smoothly. We will train you how to control your vehicles when it gets out of control.  The only thing students should do is booking their lesson for the winter (November-March). We will take care of the rest. No extra charge for winter-drive training.